The Houston Electric League was established in 1965 for the purpose of uniting the members of the electrical trade into an organization that could promote the industry and influences its direction. In 1972, Houston Lighting & Power Company took an interest in helping the fledgling group gain more strength and purpose, and with this valuable assistance, HEL began to grow.

The HEL is now a strong and active organization of businessmen and women throughout the Metropolitan Houston area whose time and interests are invested in the electrical industry. As a industry member, you are the people for whom this organization was formed, and the one who has the most to gain from its activities. If you are not already involved in the Houston Electrical League, you are cordially invited to participate.

We hold a number of key events during the year in order to raise funds and provide networking opportunities for our membership. These are great events and have a tradition of being of significant value to the membership and goals of the HEL Scholarship Fund.