Reasons To Join HEL

  • Support the electrical industry that supports you!
  • Be eligible to participate in league activities
  • Participate in shaping the future of our industry by supporting educational programs for students planning to work in our industry
  • Members are eligible to apply for scholarships given to the children of HEL attending colleges or trade schools
  • Access to scholarship winners for recruiting opportunities
  • Be informed about news in our industry Valuable networking opportunities with people who share common goals

How To Join HEL

There are four types of memberships to choose from.


(Distributors, Manufacturers' Representatives and Manufacturers)

Annual dues are based on number of regional employees. All employees become members with Corporate Membership!

  • More than 75 regional employees: $1,000.00
  • 11 to 75 regional employees: $500.00
  • 1 to 10 regional employees: $250.00
  • Friend Of The League (Non-Resident Manufacturer): $100.00 Annual Dues



(Electrical Contractors, Architects, Engineers and end Users)
Annual Dues: $20.00



(Industry retiree or student currently enrolled in college)
Annual Dues: $5.00


Please note: Friend of the League Memberships, Individual Memberships, and Retiree/Student Memberships in the Houston Electrical League do not meet the full eligibility requirements to apply for any of the various scholarship awards offered by the Houston Electrical League, however these membership categories do entitle you to participate in any HEL sponsored activities and events as a member of the Houston Electrical League.

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